Too Busy to Blog

I will not be posting much on this blog over the next few weeks. I am trying to focus on my weight loss blog and am also in the process of writing a book. The book is on an entirely different subject matter, but I am spread too thin these days…between two blogs, full time work, and a book in the works, something has got to give!

I am trying to decide whether I want to discontinue this blog completely. It seems odd to keep writing it now that I am not longer single in the legal sense. But for now I am just taking a break…Be well.


3 responses to “Too Busy to Blog

  1. Yikes! Onely understands about a full plate–Lisa is working on her PhD exams so she’s swamped, and I’m holding down Fort Onely despite having other writing projects that I need to do. . . Too bad about that whole full-time-work thing, huh. Imagine all we could accomplish if we had sugar daddies! = )

    Speaking of sugar, I’m going to go check out your weight loss blog!


  2. 🙂

    Write soon yeah.

  3. If you asked me to vote, I would vote that you discontinue the weight loss blog instead. The Unmarried Blog is much more refreshing – adds something new. But you didn’t ask me did you, LOL! I guess I am saying that if you decide to discontinue this blog – I will miss it. That said, I will certainly understand. A full plate is something that I can relate to as well.

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