The Cult of Couplehood: Movie Theater Edition

I moved in with my partner on Saturday. Last night he and I were sitting watching a Cubs game and I decided that I wanted to see a movie. I wanted to see Julie & Julia before I started a weight loss program today, because I read that the film is like food porn and didn’t want to watch it when I had to be eating salad and fresh fruit all day.

The fiance wasn’t really in the mood and wanted to stay and watch the game, so I went by myself. By the way, it was food porn!

The point is, I called someone on the way home and told them I just came out of a movie and her first question was: “Who did you go with?” No questions about the movie at all. I go to movies by myself all the time. Apparently this is a weird thing to do for many people…

Solo Movie Watching is on my list of single habits to keep after you couple up – anyone have any other suggestions?


8 responses to “The Cult of Couplehood: Movie Theater Edition

  1. small world! the missus was out of town on saturday night, so i took myself on a double movie date: julie and julia (he had no interest) in the theater, and raging bull (too violent for him) at home. i wasn’t questioned as you were – maybe it’s more common here (i run into women at the theater alone all the time)?

  2. But how was the movie?

    Going to the movies alone is still something on my to do list. It doesn’t sound as scary as eating alone (which I have done, but still hate), but I’d still miss being able to talk to someone about the movie afterward.

  3. My coblogger Lisa saw it and said the film was highly heteronormative. (Not to speak for Lisa, but I’m going to anyway.) She was irritated because all the people she saw it with liked it. See, if she had gone alone, she wouldn’t have had that problem. = ) = )


  4. It was highly heteronormative – but isn’t everything? (lol) But Meryl Streep was so charming as Julia Child that I did not care…

  5. well, let’s see, things i do by myself: eat out, attend rock concerts at smaller venues, classical music concert-going in full-blown concert halls or amphitheatres, go to the sawdust festival in laguna beach, the movies, go to museums…to name a few things i do & have done. pretty much things where i either want my space or if i can’t think of an appropriate person to share the experience with. and sometimes it simply is more enjoyable by myself.

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  7. Therese — sorry to join this convo so late! I agree with you about Meryl Streep — fabulous! But the plot/movie was terrible, and I agree w/Christina’s speaking on my behalf 🙂

    Going solo to a movie is something I absolutely LOVE doing, and happens to be something I had never done (and was terrified of doing) until after the end of a long-term relationship, which is when I got courageous about doing everything by myself 🙂 🙂

    — L

  8. My favorite thing to go out and do on my own? Dancing!! It’s the best of both worlds. You’re surrounded by people all doing the same thing as you in the same atmosphere – and in many ways, sharing the night with you…yet you’re free to experience it totally in your own way…and if you’re in a cool enough place, you’ll probably end up striking up conversation with friendly strangers when you take a break from the dance floor!

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