Rate Your State Part 9: New Hampshire

“Live Free or Die”

New Hampshire is the only state I know whose motto sounds like the title of a Bond film. You can just imagine some svelte young woman on the tarmac in Manchester (their largest city), turning to Daniel Craig and purring “Welcome to New Hampshire, Mr. Bond.”

OK, maybe it’s not that glamorous. But the Granite State is the home of a very important presidential primary, has no sales or income tax, and gave us both Robert Frost and Dan Brown.

Although, for a state that has the word “Free” in its motto, the freedom to form the relationship of your desire and have it equally recognized and respected is no where to be found there. You guessed it. If your unmarried partner dies without a will – no way.

Caveat: New Hampshire legalized gay marriage this June. However, this does nothing to change the state intestacy laws. Those who for whatever reason are unable to (loss of social security benefits from a former spouse) or don’t want to marry are still in the same boat. So, Congratulations, New Hampshire? Hmmm…not quite sure how to react here. No love. So since unmarried people in New Hampshire are not living free, is death their only other choice?


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