Anti-Marriage vs. Anti-Marital Privilege

I want to clarify something for those of you who may be new to the “Singles Rights” or “Unmarried Rights” Movement…or whatever we are calling it.

There is a difference between being Anti-Marriage and being Anti-Marital Privilege. I fall into the second category. I will attend a wedding of a good friend that I am invited to – I will be going to one in NYC this Labor Day. I am not anti-marriage anymore than I am anti-child simply because I do not have children.

I am simply opposed to the injustice of the unmarried (and the childfree) being demeaned, disregarded and forced to pay socially and financially simply because they do not fit into the standard heteronormative box. I want all adults and children to be valued equally regardless of what form their family takes.

Hope that is clear.


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