Colorado Strikes Gold!

I can’t believe I missed this – that’s what I get for being busy!  Onely has also covered this. Colorado has enacted what they are calling the Colorado Designated Beneficiary Agreement Act. This law allows any person to fill out a simple form indicating who they want to make medical decisions for them and who will inherit their money if they do not have a will. This is huge step for unmarried rights, folks!

The best part though, is that you can pick exactly what marriage-like benefits you want. So the person who makes healthcare decisions for you does not have to get your state disability benefits, or inherit your widget business, etc…It’s like ordering  a la carte! Sweet!


One response to “Colorado Strikes Gold!

  1. A la carte! I like this concept. Not only for unmarried folks but for our culture in general. Who is to say that the next of kin is the most appropriate person to take on all of those benefits/responsibilities/things? I dream of an a la carte system all over the country for everyone. Just as long as I can name my dog as my beneficiary (but not the one who makes medical decisions).

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