Rate Your State Part 5 – The Stepford State

I know that is not the official state nickname, but I always think of that film, The Stepford Wives, when I think of Connecticut. This state, that ratified the Constitution on January 9, 1788, currently boasts the highest per capita income in the country.  It is home to many large insurance and pharmaceutical companies, as well as a second home for Manhattan’s upper crust who, for whatever reason, decided to forgo the Hamptons. It has also been home to the Bush family and my favorite actress, Katherine Hepburn. It was widely known that Kate was romantically involved with Spencer Tracy. Their relationship lasted over two decades, despite the fact that Spence was married to another woman. They starred in many films together while maintaining separate residences (for PR reasons) for most of their relationship. However, they did reside together for the last 5 years of Spence’s life.  She cared for him until his death in 1967 of a heart attack.

As you may know, The Supreme Court of Connecticut ruled last year that same-sex couples have a legal right to marry. However, the state’s intestate laws contain the word “spouse” but not the words “domestic partner.” Therefore, unmarried couples, gay or straight, are out of luck.

Let’s go back to Kate and Spence for a minute. Assume for the moment that Spence was not married, that he and Kate met in 1983 and maintained a long term relationship for 26 years. Assume that Spence died in January 2009. Absent a will, Kate gets nothing. Let’s change the facts a little.  Let’s say Kate and Spence lived together for the entirety of their 26 year love affair. Kate still gets nothing. Connecticut does not recognize domestic partnerships. The person who lived with Spence, shared every aspect of her life with him, and cared for him until the day he died is completely invisible to the Connecticut Probate Court – unless she carries the title “spouse.”

No will, no way.  Zero ♥’s and a Big Pimp Slap as well for Connecticut.

A tribute to Kate and Spence…

One response to “Rate Your State Part 5 – The Stepford State

  1. I LOVE Ms Hepburn…way better than Audrey. Idon’t think she would want anything if he died anyway…but that’s not the point…what you’re getting at is how we validate relationships. Just think of two best friends who lived together. I hear that “friends are the family we chose or ourselves.” Well if that’s the case, let’s have laws validate them as such!

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