Rate Your State Part 4 – Georgia on My Mind

The home of the peanut-farming former President Jimmy Carter, Georgia is perhaps most famous for the Civil War campaign in which Union General William Tecumseh Sherman captured and then proceeded to burn the city of Atlanta to the ground on September 2, 1864. Among those who have called Georgia home are comedian Jeff Foxworthy, actress Julia Roberts, and the incomparable Ray Charles (who later recorded “Georgia on My Mind”, which became the official state song). Having ratified the Constitution on January 2, 1788, Georgia was one of the original colonies that objected to the Bill of Rights initially and refused to ratify them. They feared that an individual’s rights would be more limited if certain rights were specifically enumerated and others were not.

Anyway, as Georgia is known in the modern political world as one of the reddest of the Red States, I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that The Peach State has no love for unmarried partners. In Georgia -The Empire of the South as it is sometimes referred to – where there is no will, there is no way. A Big Fat Peach-of-a-Zero hearts for them.


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