Rate Your State: Part 2 – The Keystone State

Having ratified the Constitution on December 12, 1787, this state was the home of our ingenious Founding Father, Benjamin Franklin. It’s also famous for the Libery Bell, the Cheesesteak, the Amish and Vice President Biden’s home town of Scranton. It’s Pennsylvania! And as fabulous as the Keystone State is in some ways (Super Bowl Champion Steelers!), it sucks in the way that matters on this blog…you guessed it. There is no love in Pennsylvania for unmarried folks who die without a will.

In the Keystone State, where there is no will there is no way an unmarried partner will inherit. Absent a spouse, kids, parents, siblings or grandparents living at the time of your death, your hard-earned scratch goes to some distant cousin you’ve never met.

As Pennsylvania gives us no love, we give no love back: Zero ♥’s.

(Note: The City of Philadelphia does extend some benefits to domestic partners, but not in an intestacy context.)

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