Rate Your State!

In the coming weeks, The Unmarried Estate Blawg will “Rate Your State!” I will be posting information on intestate succession laws and their treatment of unmarried partners! To review:  “intestate” = dying without a will.

For all the history geeks, I will tackle them each in order of their admittance to the Union!

Still deciding on the appropriate rating system…stay tuned.


3 responses to “Rate Your State!

  1. This series sounds like an excellent resource, Therese. Thanks for starting it — and I’ll be interested to know how Kentucky, my current “home” state, shapes up.

    If you are by any chance interested in being profiled by Onely on our series, “Some Like It Single,” please email me and Christina at: onely [at] onely.org and I’ll give you the details. Check us out and search under categories for the series to see what we’re doing — I think you’d be an excellent resource for our readers!


  2. Thanks for posting, Lisa. I just dropped you an e-mail. I am definitely interested in being profiled! Thanks.

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