Going Solo in Life and in Work

I recently reconnected with a law school classmate. Like me, she has a solo law practice. She also has a great blog as well. I met her and some other solo attorney bloggers for drinks the other night and I began to think about the joys of being unaffiliated both in law and in life. Mine is a fledgling law practice, but many others started out the same way and have not only gone on to achieve great financial success, but a great personal freedom as well.

Marriage is about interdependence (and often times about plain old dependence). Being unmarried is about independence. There is a great freedom in having little or no statutory framework to govern your personal relationships. However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. In exchange for that freedom, there are additional things that need to be done in order to secure the future (and the present) of the people you love. Nothing automatically goes to anybody in the event of your death, unless they are a child (if you have no children, a parent, and then a sibling if your parents are no longer living).

I have grappled with the responsibility of both being unmarried and being a lawyer in solo practice and find both of them very rewarding. I hope that everyone enjoys the unmarried life as much as I do!


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